Loch Katrine Running Festival - Directors View

Well, I think my debut as a Race Director went well. I was certainly happy with the way the event ran on the day, and if the positive comments and feedback that I have had are anything to go by it looks like the participants thought so too. I certainly ended to day with a warm fuzzy glow, and that was quite an achievement given the weather conditions.

I would like to think that I have been running long enough to have a pretty good idea what is required and what makes a good event, plus as a project manager by trade I reckon I should have had a fighting chance of doing a decent job.  And, of course, the OCD control freak that hides inside me. The tips and advice from other RDs were a great help too: thank-you.

On the other hand it may all have been beginner’s luck: or as a Hungarian lady who was supporting re-assured one of my time-keepers, ‘the virgin hand is lucky’.

There were a few hiccoughs and niggles, and a few lessons learned and improvements that will be applied if I decide to bow to pressure and run the event again next year:

  • Don’t assume that your runners will have read the race brief.
  • Remember that mustering runners at the start is like herding cats.
  • Don’t (albeit inadvertently) start a race early.
  • A 26 mile marker is, apparently, a necessity.
  • Beware the random runners not officially in the race.
  • Remember to instruct runners to pin their number on their front, and not other random and miscellaneous places

The day was relaxed and fun. There were plenty of laughs; and my running family impressed my newbie marshals with their camaraderie and support of each other.

Everyone, from seasoned runners to first timers, rose to the challenge of the hills and took a sense of pride in conquering them. The finish times were excellent, and we even had a few PBs (personal best).

Yes, a job well done; and I somehow think that my solitary training runs in this beautiful location may not be quite so solitary in the future.