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Back in 2012, I decided that 2013 would be the year to take my running and fundraising to a new level, and I committed to taking part in an extreme sporting event: I ran a marathon and a 100 km ultra marathon in Antarctica— my Antarctic Odyssey.

In keeping with the epic nature of the challenge, I also set myself a high fundraising target and by completing both Antarctic races, then a marathon in the Atacama Desert in 2014 and a marathon in the North Pole in 2015 I've so far raised £25k for the charity. This fundraising effort continues in 2017.

About Alzheimer's & Alzheimer Scotland

There is great stigma attached to mental illness and to dementia, and also great fear. I hope that through my fundraising and challenges, I can in some small way address both these issues by raising awareness. Although dementia is considered to be an illness of the elderly — and the number of those suffering from dementia is increasing with our aging population — it can also affect younger people.

At the moment, there is a shortfall in the care and support available to sufferers of all ages and their carers, as well as a lack of knowledge about the condition. Much more research is also needed.

My fundraising will provide vital funds to provide both support and education. All the money I raise is directed towards projects in Scotland, and specifically within Glasgow and the surrounding area. These projects include Dementia Cafes, Musical Minds Singing Group, Football Reminiscence Groups, The Picture House film group and the Bowling Group.

Alzheimer Scotland provides local services across the country for people with dementia, their carers and families. Their membership includes those affected, their carers, relatives, professionals, groups and organisations.

Audrey is a huge inspiration to everyone at Alzheimer Scotland! Audrey has raised over £20,000 for Alzheimer Scotland and in 2014 she was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award at our Annual Conference. Audrey just never stops – as soon as she has completed one incredible challenge she is on to the next. Balancing work life, family life, running, and fundraising – she certainly is a superwoman! Working with Audrey is a pleasure and constantly reminds us at Alzheimer Scotland of how fantastic our supporters are. One cannot leave Audrey without feeling inspired, enthusiastic and extremely grateful to have someone so dedicated as part of our team.
Audrey’s fundraising has been hugely beneficial to the Alzheimer Scotland Glasgow community activities. Audrey’s fundraising helps to pay for the huge range of community activities that Alzheimer Scotland organise across Glasgow. These include Dementia Cafes, Musical Minds Singing Group, Football Reminiscence Groups, The Picture House film group, The Allotment and The Bowling Group. All of these activities help people living with dementia to live well with their diagnosis and remain a part of their community, and not apart from it. These activities have been able to grow and develop thanks to Audrey’s fundraising.
— Alzheimer Scotland



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