A time out

Sometimes, you just need a time out from the training. At times it will be a conscious decision and at others it creeps up on you wearing a cunning disguise and batters you over the head, leaving you wondering what on earth just happened.

This weekend has been a perfect example of the latter. Having finally got my training back on track and caught up I had 18 miles planned. We were heading up to Kinlochard for me to run the trails and Alasdair to walk one of the loops. Once done he could retire to the tea shop and wait on me.

Cue first slight problem: the tea shop is closed at this time of year. No problem, Alasdair is happy to read and doze in the car until I finish and we can refuel in Aberfoyle: sorted.

Next problem was the deteriorating forecast: heavy rain all day. Whilst I can run in the rain, it is a bit unfair asking Alasdair to trudge around in it.

‘I will just sit in the car’, he says.

‘For 4 hours?’

‘I can snooze anywhere, remember’

After a deal of procrastination and flip-flopping I decided on plan B which was doing my long run from home running a between various parks in a series of connected loops: not at all tedious. The Glasgow forecast was a bit better and Alasdair was free to do what he wanted. Then the forecast for home began to deteriorate. Cue more procrastination. Final decision, wait and see how things shape up with plan C, a big spin bike session as the back-up.

I ended up with plan C in spite of the fact that the weather did not deteriorate and actually remained dry most of the day. What happened to my resolve?Why after realising that there was no excuse not to head out for my run did I stall?

With hindsight it was clear that when I decided that I would ‘spend an hour or so’ to do my book-keeping, bills and banking that I was heading for plan C. As much as I hate to admit it, I just did not want to do the run. There are plenty of excuses: the work needed done; it is getting quite boring running around the Southside of Glasgow; I didn't want to run on mostly tarmac; the changeable forecast and weather; blah, blah, blah.

Quite where I flipped from really looking forward to my day out at Kinlochard to can’t be a****d I don’t know. But something in my brain was telling me not to do it. A deplorable lack of motivation? Maybe, but I am generally motivated. Am I turning into a fair weather runner? No, again, I usually just get out and get on with it.

Turns out I just needed a day to myself to catch my breath and do other things: catch up with the chores and a bit of R&R. That’s fine as long as it is an occasional treat. I’ve missed a long run, which may or may not be a problem, but I think that the break and the head space was more important this weekend.