It got better

It got better for Melvin (Jack Nicolson) in the end (he got the girl) and;

Whoop! Whoop! It just got better for me!!!

Patience has never been my strong point and on a scale of the saintly my level of patience is several miles away from the bottom rung of the ladder.

A few weeks ago I was bemoaning my slow return to fitness, the frustrating lack of speed. Why was I busting a gut hoofing up and down the hill to the graveyard feeling like I should be in it, and sprinting along the river path to the point of nosebleed when it was having absolutely no effect.

I pondered, I rationalised and attempted to be philosophical on the matter; ‘What if this is as good as it gets?’

Was this the inevitable age thing happening?

Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet
— Jean-Jacques Rouseau

I persevered, stuck with the training plan topping it up with the ‘beasting’ that is the Glentress Trail Marathon. The irony of which was the three days training lost from the resulting DOMS.

But imagine my joy the other weekend as I trotted out a half marathon and just over twenty miles on consecutive days; feeling strong, running strong and covering the distance significantly faster than expected.

Just proves that diligence, perseverance and patience are the answer.

Note to self: patience, patience, patience. Drying paint is infinitely interesting, honest.