Less Bounce

The dreaded day came. My favourite sports bras have given up the ghost. There is just far too much bounce going on these days and I don’t want to give the aging process any encouragement to set things heading southwards.

The old bras were Helly Hansen crop tops that have proved to be efficient in their support, comfortable and never caused chafing: a hard act to follow, especially the no chafing. Why not get more of the same? Well, they are no longer made, or to be more precise, that model/style is no longer made. Why do companies do that? Feel the compulsion to keep tweaking designs or replace perfectly good ones with something different?

Anyway, the hunt was on to find replacements, and there are many to choose from: encapsulation, compression, a combination of the two. My daughter had recently gone down the Shock Absorber route (courtesy of a cheap deal on Sport Pursuit) and is very happy with them. As luck would have it there was also a sports bra review in one of the running magazines in which the Puma Power Shape Running Bra reviewed well. Thanks to the January sales I was able to acquire one of the Pumas and a twin pack Shock Absorber Ultimate Run bra at perfectly reasonable prices.

Having road tested both the result is perhaps not as expected. All I can say regarding the Shock Absorbers is that the quality control is awful and the sizing strange. Bearing in mind that they are supposed to be the same size why does one not fasten? It is definitely small round the back than the other, which is also extremely neat. I bought my normal size. A case of caveat emptor and the perils of buying online. The one that does ‘fit’ is not comfortable, but to be fair it does the job: negligible movement. But the overall impression I am left with is not worth the money.

The Puma bra on the other hand was a surprise and exceeded all expectation. It fits well, is comfortable to the extent that you forget it’s there (as noted in the review). It also does the job in terms of no bounce and the bonus: it is significantly cheaper than the Shock Absorber.

As for chafing? I am not sure at the moment as I have not worn either on a particularly long run, but the Puma was looking good after 13.5 slightly sweaty, but chafe free miles.

It looks like I have acquired a new favourite and am running bounce free again: a contented aaaahhh.