Round the World in 7 Snoozes

Alasdair is a man with a mission. He has a global challenge that is all his and he has dubbed it ‘Round the World in 7 Snoozes’. He is the man that can sleep anywhere. He has been known to nod off; sorry, 'rest his eyes', whilst standing up, and there has been many a time when I have arrived at a rendezvous point during a training run only to find him giving it big Zs in the car. There has been the odd adrenaline inducing moment in the car, rather ironically when tasked with the driving post event on the basis that I will too tired to drive. He has the alarm clock placed on the opposite side of the room. When it goes off in the morning you hear the thunder of feet stumbling across the room shortly followed by resumed snoring.

I am under no illusions that sleep will be in short supply during the Global Odyssey. Between the adrenaline from running; anxiousness associated with ‘will it all dove tail and will I make it’; and the, who can sleep well on flights; sleep will be in short supply. Dr Andrew Murray told me that he only slept for a total of 5 hours in 6 days whilst he did his world ultra-marathon challenge.

As someone who does not seem to need a great deal of sleep (and never has); and who also suffers from bouts of insomnia, sleep deprivation is almost a fact of life. It is certainly not something that phases me, or at least not at the moment. It may be a different story come the Global Odyssey.

Back to Alasdair. Assuming that I can raise the budget to take my trusty support with me on the Global Odyssey, Alasdair has set his sights on some quality sleep. Quality sleep in highly challenging circumstances and environments: 24hr daylight, in a tent in sub-zero temperatures, different time-zones, long haul flights, short haul flights, whist I run, airports, cars, perhaps a few hours here and there in a hotel bed: a bed! Such Luxury. And he is up for the challenge and training hard as two phone calls to the house to wake him up can attest.

It strikes me that his challenge may get more support than mine.