CurraNZ to provide product sponsorship

I am delighted to announce that Health Currancy Ltd will be proving me with their CurraNZ product.

This is A 100% natural sports & health supplement capsule, made from concentrated, highly nutritious New Zealand blackcurrants.

CurraNZ is made from premium blackcurrants grown from unique cultivars in pristine conditions in the South Island of New Zealand. The Southern Hemisphere's intense UV light stimulates the plants into producing the highest levels of polyphenols of any cultivated food, anywhere in the world, making New Zealand-grown blackcurrants a world-class superfood.

New Zealand blackcurrant Polyphenols are divided into several classes but contain anthocyanins and powerful antioxidants which have great potential for human health. 

Science has shown the anthocyanins in CurraNZ blackcurrants improve blood circulation to peripheral muscles, protect against oxidative stress, reduce muscle fatigue and boost endurance, making it a powerful supplement for sports people wishing to achieve improved performance and recovery.

CurraNZ capsules are 100% natural New Zealand blackcurrrant with a minimum value of 35% anthocyanin concentrate and suitable for vegetarians. Each pack of CurraNZ contains 30 capsules of 300mg blackcurrant extract.

Look out for my blog entries on how I get on with CurraNZ.