Race Director Contact

Audrey McIntosh
Mobile: 07788921139
Landline: 0141 633 5224
Email: audrey.mcintosh@gmail.com

Location Parking

The start and finish of the races will be at the Trossachs Pier, Loch Katrine, Nr Callander, FK17 8HZ.

The loch is sign-posted on the A821 (Aberfoyle to Callander road) and the pier is about 1 mile after the turn off.

There is a large car park; however, if this is full you will need to park in the Ben Vane or Ben A’an car parks on the A821 and walk to the pier (15 – 20 mins), so please ensure that you have plenty of time.

THE EVENT IS FULL, and parking will be busy, so please CAR SHARE if at all possible.



Registration will be located in the Brenachoile Café at the Trossachs Pier, and will open at 8am. All runners should be registered 30 minutes before their race start time.

Race Latest Registration Muster Race Start Marathon 8.30 am 8.50 am 9.00 am Half Marathon 10k 9.30 am 9.50 am 10 am Half Marathon 10.30am 10k

If for any reason you are going to be late, please contact the race director and we will make appropriate arrangements.

Half Marathon 10k runners

it will be a pulse start, with the half marathon going off first and the 10k 3 minutes later. Please ensure that you assemble in the right group and follow the marshals directions.


Water will be available at the finish and along the route as follows:
10k only, at the 5k turning point
Half marathon at 4 and 9 miles
Marathon 4, 8, 13, 18, 22 


There will be a photographer at the event: Colin Smith Photography.
We cannot guarantee that we will get all runners but will do our best.
You will be able to buy the full set of photos on disc for £10 with £1 going to Alzheimer Scotland.
We will not be selling individual photos.
You can pre-order and pay for the photos on the day. After that contact Colin direct colin.smithphotography25@gmail.com

Massage & Kinesiology Taping

Mark from Kelso Sports Massage (http://www.ksmc.co.uk/ ) will be at the finish area providing massage in return for a donation to Alzheimer Scotland.

He will also provide kinesiology taping for the basic cost of the amount of rock tape used.

Route & Safety

The route for all races undulates along the loch side road with no deviation. There will be mile markers, and KM markers for the 10k. The turn points for each race will be clearly marked and runners should loop behind marshal/cone. The route is challenging for each event.

This is a private road and will in the main be traffic free, however please be aware that there will be recreational cyclists and walkers, and there may be an occasional vehicle. The road is narrow and so please be sensible and if required stop on the verge to allow a vehicle to pass. There are also a number of cattle grids, please look out for them and take care when crossing them or use the gates at either side.

As this is an out and back route with 3 events being run, please run on the left hand side of the road to enable runners to pass freely in both directions.

Weather can be changeable at this time of year so please ensure that you come adequately equipped. Marathon runners are advised to carry a foil blanket or suitable clothing for if they have to retire.

Marathon runners

In order to get the distance your route will take you just beyond Stronalachar to the junction with the B829 (0.1m) for the turn. Be aware that there may be some traffic on this section of road. You also should note that there is no or limited mobile signal between miles 6 and 20. If you require assistance please try to reach a water station or flag down a cycle marshal.

Environment & Litter

This is a beautiful and clean environment, and we aim to keep it that way. Please DO NOT DROP any LITTER along the route. If you have empty drinks bottles or gel wrappers to dispose of please drop them in the water station areas or place them next to mile markers so that they can be picked up when the markers are collected.


As you know this event has been organised to raise money for Alzheimer Scotland, and I would like to thank everyone for their support through this event. I have kept event costs to a down to ensure that the majority of the entry fee goes the charity.

My family, my husband’s family and the families of friends have been directly affected by Alzheimers/dementia and its devastating effects. 
There are currently over 84,000 people suffering from dementia in Scotland with over 7,000 in the Glasgow area. Approximately 2,500 dementia sufferers in Scotland are under 65. There are 7,000 new cases diagnosed every year.

In 2013 I raised £7.5k for Alzheimer Scotland between this event and my own personal challenge, the Antarctic Odyssey, which saw me become the 1st Scot to complete both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the Antarctic 100km Ultra Marathon.
Over 2014 I will continue my fundraising activities. In addition to this event there will be a number of other activities organised and my Odyssey will continue with a number of challenging ultras culminating with the Volcano Marathon, which is run at 14.5k feet in the Atacama Desert in Chile where I will contend with rough terrain, low oxygen and heat.
The funds that are raised from all of these events will be allocated to projects in Glasgow and the surrounding area.

News and information about the Odyssey and other events, including a blog, can currently be found on the website www.antarcticodyssey.co.uk and subsequently on a new website that is in development and which will launch in the next couple of months.

Now for the good bit ……………


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