The Odyssey

2014 – The legacy and the journey continues

I have a set of new challenges to build on what I achieved through the Antarctic Odyssey.

My sporting challenges for 2014 are:


This marathon is located in the Atacama Desert in Chile, the driest desert in the world. It starts at a height of over 14,500 feet on the Tropic of Capricorn adjacent to the Lascar Volcano, one of the most active in Chile. Over the course of the race there are views of up to 10 other volcanoes. It is run on a mix of dirt track and rough technical terrain, hills, and dropping to just under 12,000 feet where the temperatures could reach 30+ degrees.


D33 Ultra

My first event since Antarctica intended to test my fitness and set the baseline for the year.


Hoka Highland Fling

My pride has come into play and I am determined to make a better job of it; not make the mistakes I made last year with regard to my nutrition and fluids, and my handling of the sections of technical (rough) terrain, and do it and myself credit.


Great Glen Ultra

With the aim to extend my distance and increase my stamina – it is 72 miles – and gain more experience of night time running.


Glenmore 24

This will be a whole different experience: to run for 24 hours. It will require even greater strength, stamina and determination and mental fortitude. I will have to develop a specific approach and strategy in terms of training, approach and strategy.