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Let me share my dreams, my journey and achievements with you. Let my challenges and experience inspire and motivate you.

An odyssey is defined as a long and eventful journey; an intellectual or spiritual quest.

I knew that running a marathon and a 100km in Antarctica was going to be a long and eventful trip, in all senses of the word. I also knew it would also be something of an intellectual, or even spiritual quest.

This is what inspired me to call it the Antarctic Odyssey.

It lived up to the name and was certainly a life-changing experience!

But the odyssey did not stop there. In 2014 I took the odyssey to a different extreme running a marathon in the Atacama Desert in Chile; swapping ice and cold for sand, heat and altitude: 14.5k feet of altitude to be precise.

In 2015 my journey has returned me to the ice; this time to the top of the works and in April I completed the a marathon at the North Pole and am the first Scot to complete the polar hat-trick of all three races.

Photo: Mark Conlon

Photo: Mark Conlon

Now I am sharing my journey with audiences large and small, explaining:

  • How and why it came about

  • The challenges and how I overcome them

  • The preparation

  • The focus

  • What keeps me motivated and strong when by body is crying out for me to give-up

  • The determination to succeed

  • How I juggle family, work and training.

You'll share all my highs and lows, my successes and achievements, and you will learn just how far-reaching an impact my achievement has had upon my life and career.

I believe there's relevance in my story for everyone. It doesn't matter if you've never run a step, I promise you'll take away something!


You will not be presented with my '10 rules to success' or advised on how to 'manage your chimp' or 'tame your tiger'. Draw from my story and experience what you will, but also learn how a spark of passion combined with focus, determination and preparation can enable anyone to achieve above and beyond their dreams.

If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.
— Jesse Jackson

CONCEIVE                          BELIEVE                         ACHIEVE

Three simple words that form the strong foundation of my success

I am an experienced, trained presenter and I'm comfortable speaking in any environment, from a small intimate group to a large-scale conference or dinner.

Here are some of the subjects that I cover:

  • 'Build it and they will come' - turning the ethereal into the material (have the vision and make it happen)
  • I know where I am going - having a plan (fail to prepare and prepare to fail)
  • Fortune favours the brave - taking risks and overcoming fear
  • Do bears p**p in the woods - adapting to your enviroment
  • Rule #5 (MTFU)  - completing the task when the going gets tough
  • Two llama legs - expect the unexpected
  • Ultra bloopers  - the comedy moments
  • Why? - a simple question with a complex answer. What motivates and inspires me, health & well-being, supporting dementia care and support. 

Just contact me and we can discuss how I can craft my presentation to match your audience.


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