My Global Odyssey

A unique Global Odyssey will mark the next stage of my marathon and ultra-marathon journey: the Global Odyssey 100 Memory Run in aid of Alzheimer Scotland.

The strongest memories come from the greatest adventures that we encounter.

When asked  a few years ago if I wanted to run a marathon on every continent I said no. Trotting round the world checking off big city marathons, or running loops close to airports did not excite me. However once the thought was there in my head it was only a matter of time before a challenge took form.

I am at heart an ultra-marathon runner who loves running in wild and remote terrain; and so why not be master of my own destiny and run an extreme 100k (62 mile) ultra-marathon on every continent finding new tough routes and tackling a variety of extreme conditions whilst doing it.

Each 100k will be be extreme and present a new challenge. It will challenge and test me too the limit. I will experience extreme conditions: cold, heat, altitude, mountains, desert, jungle. It will be true extreme adventure running; stripped back: just me attempting to prevail over time, distance and terrain.

The GO100 Memory Runs:

  • Antarctica - The Antarctic 100k completed in November 2013. Dedicated to my father David Keith.

  • Europe - Grand Raid des Bogomiles (Carcassonne, France) completed in September 2017. Dedicated to my uncle Francis Sweeney.

  • Asia - Gobi Global Odyssey 100k, 12th August 2018.

  • Africa - Morocco Atlas 100k, 16th January 2019. Dedicated to Fiona Keating

  • South America - Argentina, Patagonia 100k, 23rd April 2019.

  • North America - Canada, Summer River Revenge 100k, Edmonton June 15th - 16th 2019 and the Taylor Mountain Marathon, Seattle USA, June 23rd 2019

  • Oceania/Australasia - New Zealand. A marathon and a 100k on trails on the south isalnd to be planned for late 2019 or early 2020.

The ones where I did not quite make it:  Africa - Namibian Global Odyssey 100k, April 9th 2018, where I was withdrawn with heat exhaustion after 43.77 km, and Tunisia Ultra Mirage el Djerid, September 29th 2018 where I chose to withdraw after 45 km.

Early in 2018 I realised that I was on track not only to have run a 100k ultra-marathon on every continent but also a marathon. Two of the remaining challenges will include marathons as well as the 100k ultra and ensure that I will have completed both distances on all continents.

Since 2013 I have raised more than £39k for Alzheimer Scotland and the Global Odyssey offers another opportunity for me to both raise awareness of dementia and generate much-needed funds to support sufferers and their carers. I will carry a message of support around the globe and will make contact with worldwide dementia organisations.

Further detailed plans of the Global Odyssey 100 will be posted here shortly.

Global Odyssey 100 Supporters

Every expeditions insured by Dogtag

Every expeditions insured by Dogtag

Statements of Support

I completed 7 ultra-marathons in under 7 days in 2012 so I have a very clear understanding of the obstacles she’ll face in her round-the-world Global 100 challenge. And like Audrey, I’ve run the Antarctic and North Pole marathons and we’ve also competed in many of the same Scottish ultra races over the years. So I really do know where’s she come from as a runner and where she’s headed. Her track record is impressive on every level — she sets herself the most awesome of goals and has the experience, discipline, and sheer determination to see them through every time. I have not the slightest doubt that Audrey will be just as successful with her Global Odyssey 100 and look forward to celebrating her success.
— Dr Andrew Murray, sports and exercise specialist, GP, and ultra-runner
Audrey is a huge inspiration to everyone at Alzheimer Scotland! Audrey has raised over £33,000 for Alzheimer Scotland and in 2014 she was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award at our Annual Conference. Audrey just never stops – as soon as she has completed one incredible challenge she is on to the next. Balancing work life, family life, running, and fundraising – she certainly is a superwoman! Working with Audrey is a pleasure and constantly reminds us at Alzheimer Scotland of how fantastic our supporters are. One cannot leave Audrey without feeling inspired, enthusiastic and extremely grateful to have someone so dedicated as part of our team.
— Alzheimer Scotland
In the time I have known Audrey, it didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that she is a remarkable athlete. I have never worked with anyone willing to push themselves to the limit (certainly at her age….sorry Audrey!!) like she does. From the data I have collected from her whilst helping prepare for the Volcano and North Pole Marathons, she is a very fit individual. That aside, what is most impressive about Audrey is her mental attitude. She is committed, driven, focussed, hard-working and always listens and implements the Sports Science support that I can provide. A joy when it comes to working with athletes.
The Global Odyssey provides me with an opportunity to monitor Audrey whilst she pushes her body to the extremes. The uniqueness of this challenge will take into consideration the changes in climate, time zones, and the effects accumulated fatigue has on running performance.
— Nairn Scobie, Teacher for Physiology and Sports Science, School of Life Sciences, Glasgow University

My Odyssey Story

My Odyssey began in 2013 when I transformed form a marathon runner and fledgling ultra-marathon runner into an adventure runner. This is the story of the odyssey;

2013 - The Antarctic Odyssey where I ran a marathon and a 100km race in Antarctica, finishing 4th woman in the marathon and 1st woman 3rd overall in the 100 km (just 28 hours later). Also en route the D33, Hoka Highland Fling, Clyde Stride, Speyside Way Race, Highland Perthshire Marathon, Loch Ness Marathon

2014 – The legacy and the journey continued and my Antarctic Odyssey has become my Ultra Odyssey and I ran the gruelling marathon in the Atacama desert in Chile battling altitude, wind, heat and tough terrain to finish 3rd woman. Also, the Hoka Highland Fling, The Great Glen Way, Glenmore 24.

2015 - Back to the ice with a marathon on the artic ice floes close to the magnetic North Pole  where I contended with temperatures that dropped to -41 degrees C and tough underfoot conditions.

I then took on a challenge closer to home completing the West Highland Way Triple Crown: which involves running three ultra distance races on the West Highland Way in a single year in April, June and August. Then achieved the 100 mile milestone at the Glenmore 24.

2016 - The Great Glen Way.

2017 - In January I was the first person to complete the Namibian Sand Marathon and Genghis Khan Ice marathon as a double event, winning both races and experiencing a 34 degree temperature shift, from 36 degrees to -32 degrees, between the events.

Also, completion of the Global Odyssey 100k for Europe when I participated on the Grand Raid de Bogomiles 100k in France.