Ultra-Marathon Running

June 17, 2022

Global Odyssey: Greenland prologue

It is the eve of the Global Odyssey 100 Greenland expedition. This is it: the final continent, and fates allowing the conclusion of this epic journey. […]
June 14, 2022

Moray Coastal Trail 50

The Moray Coastal Trail 50 was a success. In spite of appearances and my ‘lanterne rouge’ position for most of the race I completed it well ahead of plan. I was in control throughout, my plantar fascia held up and I got my fluids and nutrition pretty spot on. This was always going to be a play it safe event and more of a training run for my forthcoming Global Odyssey Greenland 100k.
December 18, 2021

Up hill, down dale and roundabout – Tweed Valley 65k

I confess that I have a love-hate relationship with High Terrain Events’ races. They ‘whip my ass’ good and proper every time and involve a lot of bad language and general grumpiness.